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RULES OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE--AMENDMENTS--SENTENCING--SERVICE AND FILING OF PLEADINGS AND DOCUMENTS. The Court adopted amendments to the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure 3.030 and 3.704. Amendments to rule 3.030 included the addition of four new exceptions to the requirement that paper documents be deposited with the clerk. In addition to amending language to mirror rule 3.992, a sentence was added to rule 3.704 stating that there must be a stipulation or a jury finding before the court can sentence a defendant to prison under section 775.082(10), Florida Statutes.

RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE--AMENDMENTS--ATTORNEYS--LIMITED APPEARANCE. The Court adopted new rule 1.041 to create a procedure for an attorney to appear in a limited manner in civil proceedings. Under the new rule, an attorney is authorized to file a notice limiting the attorney's appearance to particular proceedings or specified matters prior to any appearance before the court. The rule also provides that a limited appearance attorney who receives notice of a hearing that is outside the scope of representation must file a notice stating the matter is outside the scope of representation and that the attorney will not attend the court proceeding or hearing.

RULES OF JUVENILE PROCEDURE--AMENDMENTS. The Rules of Juvenile Procedure were amended to reflect the changes in several statutes that were made by chapter 2023-302, Laws of Florida. Significantly, rule 8.224 was amended to reflect that a primary e-mail address must be provided, and several other rules and forms were amended to reflect the removal of all references to "personal" or "personally" in conjunction with "appearance." Additionally, rules 8.225, 8.305, 8.330, 8.347, 8.505, and 8.525 were amended to reflect that, if applicable, the summons or notice must include instructions for appearing by "communication technology."

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